The 1400th Anniversary of Yaozhou Kiln Opened in Commemoration of Tongchuan Porcelain Culture

Chen Lan Wu Jie|ChinaNews|Published:2018-10-27 12:58:51

   On October 21, 2018, the opening ceremony of “The 1400th Anniversary of Yaozhou Kiln” was held in Tongchuan City, Shaanxi Province. Yang Changya, secretary of CPC Tongchuan Municipal Committee, He Shangmin, member of the Standing Committee of Tongchuan Municipal Committee and deputy mayor of Tongchuan, Chen Mengyu, deputy director of Shaanxi Provincial Tourism Development Committee, and Zhang Hongbin, deputy inspector of the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Finance, attended the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was presided over by Li Zhiyuan, deputy secretary of CPC Tongchuan Municipal Committee and mayor.


  Speech by Yang Changya, secretary of CPC Tongchuan Municipal Committee (Photo by Shen Wei)


  The guests present jointly opened the "The 1400th Anniversary of Yaozhou Kiln" (Photo by Shenwei)

  The long-lasting Yaozhou Kiln calls for respect for traditional culture.

  The 1400th Anniversary of Yaozhou Kiln, with the theme of “Pushing forward the development of the ceramic industry by promoting Yaozhou Kiln Culture”, also held around a dozen of theme activities under three sub-themes, “Yao·Art”, “Yao·Creative” and “Yao·Future” respectively, such as First National Children's Ceramic Art and Sculpture Exhibition, the Life Aesthetics Collection "Pottery Appreciation Club", and the International Ceramic Film Image Show.


  Safite Azak, reporter of Turkish Morning News (first from right) is experiencing pottery making (Photo by Shenwei)  

  The long-lasting Yaozhou Kiln reshapes Tongchuan "Silk Road Porcelain Capital” of New Era

  After visiting the Yaozhou Kiln Museum and the historical site in Tongchuan, Shaanxi Province, ASADULLAH WAHEED, head of the Political Review Department of the Heart of Asia, said:" I learned at the Yaozhou Kiln Museum in Tongchuan that the Yaozhou Kiln can be traced back to Tang Dynasty. In Chenlu Ancient Town is a good example of the inheritance and development of Chinese traditional porcelain culture. I was also deeply impressed by China’s good preservation of historical sites. All these will be the source for my writing about Chinese culture for the readers in my motherland.”

  The long-lasting Yaozhou Kiln highlights the transformation and evolution of Tongchuan in the new era

  To inherit and further develop the essence of Yaozhou Kiln Culture in the new era, Tongchuan City well integrates the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries with the development of cultural & creative industry and tourism industry. It has created Yao Porcelain Town, a one-stop creative park with porcelain culture as the centerpiece, featuring various experiences of culture, leisure, entertainment and tourism.

  Under the guidance of further innovation and development based on inheritance, Yaozhou Ceramic Industry of Tongchuan is vigorously implementing the transfer strategy of Ceramic Industry, becoming a new pillar industry of Tongchuan’s economic development in the new era.

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