Zhao Ming: Welcome the Overseas Journalists to Changchun and Feel the charm of Changchun’s Diversified Development

|ChinaNews|Published:2018-09-01 16:15:23

On August 31st, the activity of "Wonderful Changchun Hugging the World -- Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening up- Overseas Journalists in Changchun" was officially launched. Fourteen journalists from well-known overseas media in nine countries including Japan, Korea, Turkey and so forth attended the opening ceremony.

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Caption: Member of the Standing Committee and Minister of Publicity Department of the CPC Changchun Municipal Committee Zhao Ming is giving a speech [Photo by Li Peng]

On the opening ceremony, Member of the Standing Committee and Minister of Publicity Department of the CPC Changchun Municipal Committee, Zhao Ming, introduced the development situation of Changchun to overseas journalists. Innovation is the engine of Changchun's development. Chang-Ji-Tu development and opening-up Pioneer Zone is the national technology transformation demonstration area. The number of national high-tech enterprises of this year is up to 329, and the value of business concerning technology transaction contract is more than 20 billion RMB.

Openness is the wing of Changchun's development. As an important node city of the the Belt and Road northern line, as well as a leading city of the national " Chang-Ji-Tu" development and opening-up strategy, Changchun has opened a China-Europe junction, built international land ports and international airports. The state council has approved Changchun as a comprehensive test zone for cross-border e-commerce, and the first local research base for service outsourcing has been settled in Changchun.

Culture is the soul of Changchun's development. Changchun is the cradle of new China film. This year, the 14th film festival will be held in Changchun with the theme of "New Era,·New Cradle,·New Power", which will hold the "Golden Deer Award", opening and closing ceremonies and other six major events, striving to create a milestone for Chinese films in the new era.

Green is the background of Changchun's development. YiTong River is the mother river of the Changchun city. Changchun combines industry, and folk characteristic elements with the "ten islands and five parks" landscape zone culture in the middle of Yi Tong River. So the water quality has been increased, the living environment of both sides has been improved. “Transform a river, change a city.”


Caption:The lights of music water curtain and water column, setting each other off in Changchun Nanhu Bridge.[Photo by Wu Qingnian]

Improving people's livelihood is the goal of Changchun's development. Since 2016, Changchun has started the “reconstruction of the old city” project. From then on, great changes have taken place in Changchun. With an increasing number of citizens benefiting from the urban construction, Changchun has been named as "the happiest city in China" for ten years.

Zhao Ming said, “The overseas journalists will go to visit some representative places of Changchun, such as Changchun Municipal Planning Exhibition Center, Changchun Film Studio Site Museum, the Headquarters of Yitong River Construction, CHINA RAILWAY Express and so on, so that they can feel the development of Changchun.” Zhao Ming also hopes that the journalists can tell the story of Changchun to the world, spread the voice of Changchun, introduce Changchun to the world and let the world know more about Changchun.

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