Overseas journalists walk into Changchun Film Studio Site Museum Feel the charm of Chinese movie

|ChinaNews|Published:2018-09-02 23:15:01

On August 31st, the activity of “Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up·Overseas Journalists in Changchun” was officially launched. On September 1st, fourteen journalists from Russia, Korea, Japan, Turkey and other five countries came to Changchun Film Studio Site Museum that is called “the cradle of new Chinese film”, feeling the process of Changchun Film Studio’s development.

Changchun Film Studio Site Museum is located in Changchun Film Studio. It shows the multiple themes such as film art, film property, film special effect, and film production by protecting the heritages, art exhibition, interactive film, and some other ways. Changchun Film Site Museum is national key cultural relics protection unit, and national tourist attraction of 4A level.


Caption: Seung Bong Park, Korean reporter from NSP was interviewed by CRI Online Jilin Channel. [Photo by Li Peng]

Seung Bong Park, Korean reporter from NSP said that the museum is very large, and it was designed in a modern style. The films she saw here were divided based on the different years, so that visitors can know about the beginning and development history of Chinese film. “It makes me feel it clear,” said Seung Bong Park.


Caption: The first puppet film, The Emperor's Dream, in China. [Photo by Chen Shi]

Onishi Kunika, Japanese editor from TOKOTOKO said that she had been to many places in China, like Beijing, Shanghai, and Kunming, but this is her first time in Changchun, the feeling of this city is different from her imagination. “I learned about the development history of Chinese film in Changchun Film Site Museum, the properties of the old film keep the memories of film,” said Onishi. She will take photos of them, and bring the photos to Japan, so that the readers can know more about Chinese film.

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