Thai TV Host Panpilai Pukahuta: the Protection of Yitong River Has Brought Changchun Citizens Happiness Through Beautiful Ecological Environment

Panpilai Pukahuta|ChinaNews|Published:2018-09-03 23:10:15

Yitong River is the mother river of Changchun. In the past, pollution was a serious problem to the river. However, by building sewage treatment factories, sewage filtration factories, and theme parks, the life of people in Changchun has been increasingly happier.

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Caption: The sculpture of facial expression in Changchun Water Culture Ecological Garden [Photo by Panpilai Pukahuta]

As a member of the overseas journalists participating in the activity of "Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up· Overseas Journalists in Changchun", when I came to Changchun, I found Changchun is very clean and tidy. People living here can feel the efforts made by the government. So to speak, the development of Changchun is focusing on people's livelihood, and we can call it sustainable development.

Changchun Water Culture Ecological Garden is a park of water purification with senses of history, and it is also a place for leisure and entertainment under the combination of history, modernization, and culture. In my opinion, this way of environmental protection and urban construction is extremely laudable. (Author: Panpilai Pukahuta, a TV host from TNN24 TV station in Thailand)

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