French Tourism Expert Yann: Discovering the Countryside of China

|ChinaNews|Published:2018-11-19 10:28:11

An hour from the city of Yanji you could enjoy the very beautiful Jindalai Korean Folk village.


Overlook Jindalai Korean folk village [Photo by Yann]

Strait at the entrance of this village you could find a very nice plot of houses, which have been build some years ago in order to show ancient architecture and to preserve the memory, this rich architecture and the culture of the local Korean minority who used to live there. Right after this plot you can find a real village where people still continue to cultivate the land.


Jindalai Korean folk village in autumn [Photo by Yann]


Jindalai Korean folk village's architechtrual style [Photo by Yann]

But Jindalai Korean Folk village is just one of the small parts of all the beautiful Jilin Region. All around Jindalai, it’s full of threes, lands and other small villages which sound as promise lands. If you would like to enjoy a very nice rest in this charming village you can arrange accommodation in a very cute small house.

This village is a unique chance given to visitors to discover the traditions and the culture of this very specific part of China. You can prepare traditional food, assist or sometimes participate to some folk dances.


Local people in Jindalai Korean folk village [Photo by Yann]

After visiting the village you can have a walk in all the hills all around or you can go in the basement of a cabbage farm where workers prepare Kimchi. A very unusual warehouse surrounded by a huge cabbage statue! At least nobody will forget this marketplace.

But in life nothing can be perfect just like that. Behind this idyllic picture is a hidden a really big and hard work of organization. Jindalai Korean folk village is one of the results and the immediate effect of a policy of 40 years of reform and opening-up which allow us today to enjoy a magnificent country side and a peaceful pastoral life in the north of China along the Korean border. (Author: Yann Translator: Zhang Longxin)

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