[Youth along the Silk Road Praise China] Malaysian Student: the Belt and Road Initiative Has Enhanced Friendship Between China and Malaysia

|ChinaNews|Published:2018-12-25 18:04:20

There are a group of young people from the Belt and Road countries. They are studying, traveling, working, or living in China, and therefore bound up with China. They have been witnessing the rapid change of China, sharing their own stories about China with others, and praising China for its change.

Recently, CRI Online has been releasing a series of news reports, Youth along the Silk Road Praise China, to listen to these young people's stories about China.

[Youth along the Silk Road Praise China] Malaysian Student: the Belt and Road Initiative Has Enhanced Friendship between China and Malaysia

Caption: The Malaysian student Ng Tzy Fang is receiving an interview by CRI Online and praised China. [Photo by Zhang Kuo]

The protagonist of this episode is the Malaysian student named Ng Tzy Fang. She is currently studying international relations in Renmin University for her master's degree.

Ng Tzy Fang is the third generation of Chinese Malaysians. "Due to the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative, I have been granted with the scholarship by Chinese government and come to study in China." In 2016, Xiamen University opened its branch in Malaysia and students who study there have the opportunity to receive further education in China. This has greatly enhanced friendship between China and Malaysia.

From 2015 to 2018, Ng Tzy Fang was working in the Chinese Consulate General in Penang and assisted in a lot of communication work done based on the Belt and Road Initiative. She feels happy and takes pride in her work.

Ng Tzy Fang said that Ma Yun had signed the cooperation agreement of the digital FTA project in Malaysia in 2017. Now a growing number of Chinese enterprises are coming to expand business opportunities actively in Malaysia.

2019 marks the 45th anniversary of the establishment of friendly relations between China and Malaysia. Ng Tzy Fang said that she is quite confident in the friendship between the two countries. "Malaysia is the first Southeast Asian nation to echo the Belt and Road Initiative. I hope that, China will, under the framework of the initiative, implement more projects in Malaysia."

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