Imports & Exports at Xi’an FTZ Exceed 260 Billion Yuan

|ChinaNews|Published:2019-04-17 14:19:26


The China (Shaanxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone Xi'an High-Tech Industries Development Zone [Photo: Office of Shaanxi FTZ]

In the past two years that followed the inauguration of the China (Shaanxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone, the Xi’an area of the FTZ has accomplished 127 pilot reform programs and created 136 innovations oriented around the FTZ’s positioning and national development strategies while it strived to meet enterprises’ needs, advance reform and enhance exploration. Its innovative policy to shorten the railway cargo manifest for bulk imports has been listed as a pilot reform program by the State Council and promoted at all free trade zones nationwide while six other innovative polices such as Internet Plus Government Services have been adopted throughout the province, creating a series of “Xi’an samples” that are duplicable and widely applicable.


The China (Shaanxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone Xi'an Area Chanba Functional Zone [Photo: Office of Shaanxi FTZ]

The multiple measures the Xi’an area has taken over the past two years to boost reform and innovation have attracted a great number of market entities. Official stats show 34, 835 enterprises have come to the area since it’s opened, with registered capital totaling 440.494 billion yuan. Of them, 465 have registered capital exceeding 100 million yuan and 170 are foreign-invested.


The China (Shaanxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone Xi'an Export Processing Zone [Photo: Office of Shaanxi FTZ]

Through a series of innovative efforts to deepen reform and expand opening-up, the China (Shaanxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone Xi’an Area is taking roots and yielding pragmatic fruits. In 2018, the area saw imports and exports total 264.03 billion yuan while the actual use of foreign direct investment reached 3.71 billion US dollars and tax revenue hit 10.23 billion yuan.

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