Yingkou: sea hot springs support the golden coastline and caring culture leads the new life of the city

|ChinaNews|Published:2019-08-27 11:09:04


Wang Li, Director of Yingkou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Radio and Television, Photo: Chen Yingnan

Yingkou, a city that interprets roaming and leisure, boasts one of the largest seaside hot spring tourism clusters in the world. It has a unique maternal love theme health resort and inherits the dribs and drabs of the earliest port culture in northeast China, depicting the picturesque scenery of the unique urban landscape on the west coast of northeast China.

On August 9, Wang Li, director of Yingkou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Radio and Television, showed tourists at home and abroad the charm of Yingkou with mountains, seas, hot springs, culture and inheritance.

Yingkou is located on the east coast of the Bohai Sea, at the mouth of the Daliao River, with a coastline of 144 kilometers.

Because of the unique geographical structure, Yingkou hot spring is extremely abundant, and also created its unique coastal scenery in the north.

Liaoning Tuanshan National Marine Park has the most characteristic sea erosion landform from 1.8 billion years ago.

Staying here feels as if you can feel the flow of time.

Standing in Asia's largest sea building Bohai Pearl’s viewing platform, looking at the delicate beach, clear sea water, experiencing comfortable seaside life.

The natural resources of rivers, seas, springs, mountains, temples and streets, as well as the profound humanistic essence of Maternal Love Resort and a city of civilization, make Yingkou the most attractive, livable and tourist city in China.

Wang’er Mountain, the most influential mecca in China, has a Tibetan-style green brick tower built in the late Ming and the early Qing Dynasty. It looks like a mother standing on a mountain watching the sea day and night, looking forward to the return of her son from afar.

Here, you can feel the touch of maternal love culture to the soul inside  out.

Yingkou is opening its arms to the world with an open attitude. Tourists at home and abroad are welcome to come here and share a leisure roaming trip with a light body and mind.


Wang’er Mountain Photo: Yingkou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Radio and Television


Liaoning Tuanshan National Marine Park Supply drawing  Photo:Yingkou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Radio and Television


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