Fushun: beautiful mountain, water and fresh air in the origin of Manchuria

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Liu Liping, Deputy Director of Fushun Municipal Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Radio and Television, photography Allen

Fresh air and green mountain gave birth to the sea of flower in the Zihua Mountain. Mountain layers, stacked peaks, nourish the Egret Island and Shenshugou Valley.

On August 14, Liu Liping, deputy director of the Fushun Municipal Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Radio and Television, was interviewed by the CRI Online Liaoning Channel.

She introduces the first barrel of shale oil, the first ton of aluminum, the first ton of magnesium, the first ton of industrial silicon, the first ton of titanium, the first excavator of the city Fushun, which has contributed countless industrial miracles to New China.


Hetuala Palace, Photo: Fushun Municipal Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Radio and Television

Fushun, since the Ming Dynasty’s first emperor Zhu Yuanzhang secured the border and made peace with external forces, Fushun has held the name for more than 600 years.

It is "the east-most tip of the country’s land and also a key area for taking control of the Central Plain, but also the birthplace of the Qing Dynasty, the starting point of modern China.

Here, the birth of the Manchu cheongsam, which can best represent Chinese characteristics, has also supported the backbone of the republic's industry because of its strong industrial foundation.

Fushun's four seasons are full of Manchu cultural characteristics, especially in Hetu Ala Palace, the best place to experience Manchu cuisine.

In winter, not only people can play with ice and snow and enjoy bubble hot springs, but also experience in the Manchu family the Lunar New Year. Fushun really combined ice and snow, hot springs, farmers, folk customs to form a new pattern of tourism throughout the season.


West Open-pit Mine, a demonstration site of Industrial Tourism in China Photo: Fushun Municipal Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Radio and Television

After a hundred years of mining, the western open-pit mine in Fushun is closed due to the depletion of coal resources.

The small train in the west open pit mine has been suspended for more than 10 years, and we have transformed it. In September this year, tourists will be able to travel around the west open pit mine by small train," Liu Liping said.

Fushun, as the Manchuria origin, the place of departure, is using its good mountains, good water and good air to meet tourists at home and abroad. (Author Li Jing Yang Wei)


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