Wonderful Transformation of Green Development in Maple Valley Scenic spot in Benxi, Liaoning Province, China

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Tourists keep coming to the Maple Valley scenic spot photo by Maple Valley scenic spot

In 2018, the tourist count of Maple Valley scenic spot in Benxi reached 300,000, generating income of 13 million yuan. That is equivalent to preservation of 10,000 cubic meters of wood every year or  6,000 mu of forest. 

On August 8, 2019, "promote ecological construction and grain production, consolidate and enhance the advantages of green development," the network media delegation walked into the Maple Valley scenic spot in Huanren County of Benxi to understand the transformation and development from a tree farm to the scenic spot. 

Walking into the Maple Valley scenic spot, the green trees are thick, the spring water is quiet, and the mountains and rivers are filled with the laughter of tourists. A few years ago, however, it was a remote tree farm that sold timber for a living. 

It is understood that Maple Valley scenic spot is formerly a peaceful tree farm. After the ban on commercial cutting of natural forests, the income of tree farms and the livelihood of workers have become an urgent problem to be solved. 

In line with the trend, the tree farm began to explore the way for forest tourism to promote the green development of the local economy. 

In 2011, a number of state-owned tree farms jointly funded the development and construction of Maple Valley scenic spot and the development of forest tourism. Forest tourism can effectively protect natural resources and ecological environment and promote the virtuous circle development of local economic, social and ecological benefits. 

Maple Valley has a unique forest advantage, a wide variety of maple species, a variety of geomorphological forms. After the completion of the scenic spot, the forest coverage rate is as high as 98.75%, attracting a large number of tourists. Today's Maple Valley scenic spot, has become a suitable tourist destination for all seasons. The scenic spot has also won the title of "National AAAA Tourism scenic spot", "China Forest oxygen Bar" and other titles. 

If you don't cut down trees, you can get rich. Over the past five years of development and construction of Maple Valley scenic spot, the cumulative income of the scenic spot is 50 million yuan, which is equivalent to the two-year deforestation income of eight state-owned tree farms.

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