An American girl in love with "Bamboo-Tapping Dance", an intangible cultural heritage project in Xiaoguan Community, Chongqing

|ChinaNews|Published:2019-11-27 19:07:50

Recently, Chongqing's Banan District held the "Foreigner@Chongqing Experiences Intangible Cultural Heritage Activities". The activity set up a platform for people from all over the world to learn about Chongqing's intangible cultural heritage skills. In the form of "online and offline recruitment", participants can learn about intangible cultural heritage knowledge and traditional skills through special training and interactive activities, etc. 

American girl Julian signed up to study the intangible cultural heritage project, "Bamboo-Tapping Dance of Xiaoguan Community, Jielong Town" in Chongqing. Julien loves traditional Chinese folk music. She said that she could feel the joy of people working in the fields when she was studying "Bamboo-Tapping Dance of Xiaoguan Community, Jielong Town". She is fond of such kind of folk music.

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