Overseas Journalists thumbs up for Ecological Tourism Culture of Hongya, Sichuan

|ChinaNews|Published:2019-11-30 00:16:53

November 27, more than 40 overseas journalists and Silk Road youth from UAE, Poland, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, and other countries along “Belt and Road” came to Liujiang Ancient Town, Hongya, Meishan, Sichuan province to feel the characteristics of this ancient town, and watch Tai Ji performance and the production process of the Qingshen bamboo weaving.


Overseas journalists and Silk Road youth take the group photo in Liujiang ancient town [Photo: Fang Qin]

Overseas journalists and Silk Road youth tasted the featured delicious food in Hongya, and learned about Hongya's creation of Tianfu tourism county. At present, Hongya is trying to create a famous tourist county and speed up the construction of Liujiang International Cultural Tourism Town.

Tai Ji performance in Zeng Jiayuan has attracted the interest of Vietnam journalist, Zhao Yonghe. Zhao Yonghe said: "I hope to have more chances to visit Liujiang ancient town in the future. I would like to learn Tai Ji because it’s really interesting. Not only the mountains and rivers here are beautiful, but also the cultural heritage is very deep. I believe that Liujiang ancient town will definitely be favored by Vietnamese.”

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