Exploring Super Christmas in Milan this year

|ChinaNews|Published:2019-12-05 13:04:31

Christmas is a festival of tradition, joy and reunion, and Christmas in Milan is called "Super Christmas".

The atmosphere of the streets and the city is different than at any other time of the year: Christmas trees with sparkling lights, ice rinks and Christmas markets, works of art in Christmas village scenes, opening performances of the Scala Theater, and the seductive fragrance of traditional dessert “Milan-Panettone bread”.

Before Christmas, shopping in the city, you will always enjoy the bright Christmas tree and the lights on the streets and squares. This year, in Milan Cathedral Square, the Christmas stage will be unique. The lighting show and program will accompany you to welcome Christmas in the countdown carnival.

During the Christmas season, the traditional Christmas tree in the Emanuele II promenade and its octagonal area will be equally glorious. This is the most popular place for people to take photos of Christmas. Moving forward, the light show on Scala Square is also dazzling.

The unique and beautiful windows presented by the major brand stores for the Christmas season are amazing. The leading Christmas market is Oh Bej Oh Bej, which has a history of thousands of years. The market will open in front of Castello Sforzesco from December 5 to 8. It is a good choice to buy in front of these stalls and taste chestnuts and hot red wine. From December 1, the Christmas market in Milan Cathedral Square will also be reopened. In the stalls decorated as small houses, there are all kinds of styles, from delicious food to all kinds of original handicrafts.

On December 19th, an annual Christmas concert will also be held at the Milan Cathedral, it’s free for everyone. The concert blends the Christmas etiquette celebration with the novel lighting effects of the Milan Cathedral, and the light beam from the inside of the glass window will also add splendor to this visual feast.

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