Foreign journalists focused on Harbin Vocational & Technical College

|ChinaNews|Published:2020-01-14 15:34:39

On January 8, foreign journalists who participated “Perceive China's Ice City”-Foreign Journalists Tour of Harbin 2020 entered Harbin Vocational & Technical College, and deeply understood the talent training mode and development status of Chinese vocational colleges.


  Foreign journalists took photos of hand-painted patterns and handicrafts  [Photo: Kang Wanying]

Sun Baiming, vice president of Harbin Vocational & Technical College, said that he was glad that 20 foreign media journalists entered into the Harbin Vocational & Technical College to pay attention to the cause of China's vocational education. He hoped that foreign journalists have a deep understanding of the achievements of China's higher vocational education in personnel training through field visits and interviews.

During the event, foreign journalists communicated with Zambian students from Harbin Vocational & Technical College. Raju Shakya, senior editor of National Information Council of Nepal, asked Zambian students about the college's curriculum and their living conditions.


  Liu Shen, dean of Harbin Vocational & Technical College’s delivered a speech [Photo: Liu Jiali]

Liu Shen, dean of Harbin Vocational & Technical College, said that in recent years, the college has cooperated with more than 20 overseas universities and established two overseas branches, accepted 26 overseas students, and is now working hard to build high-level vocational schools with Chinese characteristics. He also said that Harbin Vocational & Technical College is an open and shared university, and welcomes journalists from home and abroad to witness the development of the college.

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