What is Sichuan?

|ChinaNews|Published:2020-07-29 16:23:13

Should Sichuan be translated into Four River? No, if we must use one word to describe Sichuan, it should be: Pantastic! Panda: the hometown of pandas, Amazing: magic Land of Abundance, Nexus: radiating in all directions, Thriving: vigorousness and prosperousness, Soar: inheritance and transcendence, Incredible: easy life, Creative: innovative development!

The old and the new, easy life and high-tech industries, even pandas and hot pot, are perfectly integrated here! Thousands of frames of video about the land of abundance show a brand new Sichuan. Sichuan, with the largest remaining contiguous habitat of giant panda, is the place where giant pandas have lived for more than 8 million years; Sichuan, with profound culture, boasts ancient Shu civilization with a history of more than 5,000 years; Sichuan, a glamorous and energetic city, is a place that makes people feel happy when they think of it!

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