Explore Panda Habitats and Join the Giant Panda Wild Tour

|ChinaNews|Published:2020-07-30 16:49:18

Giant Panda Wild Tour has begun to explore the beauty of the panda’s hometown. Is the ethnic customs of western and northern Sichuan fascinating and impressive? How to play with the world natural and cultural heritage in the giant panda habitat? Giant pandas, "cute pet" of Sichuan are well known around the world, but secrets of their habitat are still waiting for you to explore.

Explore Panda Habitats Join the Giant Panda Wild Tour_fororder_11

On July 30, the Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism has officially launched the “Giant Panda Wild Tour Map" to tourists at home and abroad. With the map, from Baoxing, " the panda’s hometown " to Wolong, "the panda kindergarten", from Mount Siguniang, the Alps of the East to Aba Prefecture with customs of Tibet and Qiang, from Tangjiahe, " the world’s natural gene pools " to Jiuzhaigou, "an earthly paradise", the tourist route of beautiful Sichuan can be found with footsteps of giant pandas.

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