[The Rapid Rise of the Central Region--Shanxi Province] 5G Empowering a Famous Colliery in Shanxi

|ChinaNews|Published:2020-09-15 14:28:54

[The Rapid Rise of the Central Region--Shanxi Province] 5G Empowering a Famous Colliery in Shanxi_fororder_22

Visitors used 5G to talk directly with a worker underground, who was an employee of Xinyuan Colliery of Yanquan Coal Industry (Group) Co., Ltd.

In an electromechanical chamber of Xinyuan Colliery of Yanquan Coal Industry (Group) more than 500 meters deep under the mine, a small robot for patrol and inspection is doing its work, including 360-degree video monitoring, audio sampling and infrared thermal imaging.

In the command center above the mine, staff can monitor the data of gas density, humiture and coal mining, and the scene underground in real time on the screen through computers.

Traditional ways have been changed radically. From manual inspection to mouse clicking, and from going to the mine in person to remote monitoring, 5G has empowered collieries to be unmanned and smart.

It is reported that the 5G network under the mine of Xinyuan Company is built by Yanquan Coal Industry (Group), China Mobile and Huawei. They overcame difficulties during 5G’s application in the mine industry, and established China’s first 5G private network for collieries. The network was developed from September, 2019. It was inaugurated on June 18th, 2020.

Wang Haigang is the deputy general manager of Xinyuan Company. In his words, 4K high-definition videos can be uploaded at the same time through multiple channels because of 5G’s high uplink bandwidth. Thus, they are able to conduct visual management of underground working environment, staff and equipment. Mining can be seen clearly and simultaneously on the ground.

In addition, intelligent recognition will be conducted in order to manage and control the operation of on-site staff, the status of equipment and changes of environment with the help of AI video analysis technology. Besides, multi-network integration reduces the burden of the maintenance of underground cables and other equipment, and builds a solid foundation for further intelligent application in the future. The 5G colliery of Xinyuan Company has become famous online in Shanxi.

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