Beijing Design Week 2020 Will Be Opened on September 22

|ChinaNews|Published:2020-09-18 10:54:54

On the morning of September 17, Information Office of Beijing Municipality and Preparation Office of Organizing Committee of Beijing Design Week held the press conference of Beijing Design Week 2020. According to the press conference, Beijing Design Week that centers on “improving people’s livelihood” will be held from September 22 to October 7, paying attention to the role that design can play in building an overall well-off society.

As a large-scale annual cultural event and international creative design event held in Beijing, Beijing Design Week will be held by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People’s Republic of China and the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality. The event was held for the first time in 2009, and this year will witness the 11th Beijing Design Week. It has become a public service platform for creative design, which has an international influence and boasts sustainable development.

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Live photo of the press conference of Beijing Design Week 2020 Photo: Wang Tao

Dong Dianyi, deputy secretary-general of Organizing Committee of Beijing Design Week, director of Preparation Office of the Organizing Committee and deputy director of Beijing State-Owned Cultural Assets Management Center, introduced the overall situation of Beijing Design Week 2020 at the press conference. He pointed out that there are 7 highlights in Beijing Design Week 2020, including “gathering all the strength and playing a role of benchmark”, “taking advantage of design and helping poverty alleviation”, “focusing on construction of cultural centers and promoting city construction”, “helping to construct city sub-centers and promoting creative design”, “combining innovation and tradition of millennium city and starting a new design life”, “new decade, new image” and “exploring new modes of development and creating a never-ending design week”. 2020 is the last year to build an overall well-off society, win the fight against poverty and complete the 13th Five-Year Plan. Beijing Design Week will take it as an opportunity to provide free creative design through cultural and creative assistance, cooperating with the Administration Office of the Summer Palace. It’ll also develop sea buckthorn fruit drink, making use of sea buckthorn in the old revolution area of Lvliang in Shanxi Province, in order to help poverty-stricken households in mountainous areas.

Beijing Design Week 2020 will promote the translation of creative design achievements and form a new impetus for Beijing’s economic growth by introducing design into the construction of characteristic parks in cultural industries. Beijing Design Week will also cooperate deeply with Qingdao, Suzhou, Zhuhai and other cities to combine high-quality design resources with the development of local industries, establish a communication platform, deepen resource sharing, and highlight the role of Beijing as a cultural center in driving national development.

Xiao Lan, executive deputy director of Preparation Office of Organizing Committee of Beijing Design Week and director of Beijing Industrial Design Promotion Center, introduced that there are 12 main events in Beijing Design Week 2020, including the opening event as well as collecting the official posters of Beijing Winter Olympic Games 2022 and Paralympic Games, Design Night, Beijing Design Forum, a themed exhibition called “Improving People’s Livelihood, The Design Innovation in Poverty Alleviation”, International Fashion Culture Exhibition, Beijing Design Expo, Beijing Fashion Week, the Journey of Design, 2020 Pilot Exhibition of Beijing Urban Architecture Biennale, China’s Seal 2020, a public seal carving exhibition centered on fighting against poverty and building an overall well-off society, Themed Design Exhibition of Traditional Chinese Craft Revitalization and 2020 Charity Posters Design Exhibition centered on fighting COVID-19.

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