Chongqing's "Zhong Orange" Exported to Singapore

|ChinaNews|Published:2021-11-30 15:25:10

Recently, the Opening Orchard and First Flight of "Zhong Orange" Exported to Singapore and Meeting for International Cloud Production and Sales was held in Three Gorges Orange Township and Pastoral Complex. During the event, Zhongxian County live streamed the "Zhong Orange" orchard base picking event and the "Zhong Orange" maiden voyage to Singapore and selling in the market there, enabling more friends at home and abroad to know a different "Zhong Orange".

Chongqing's "Zhong Orange" Exported to Singapore_fororder_2.1

Aerial photography of the Three Gorges Orange Township and Pastoral Complex [Photo by Yu Hong]

In order to improve the timeliness of "Zhong Orange" transportation, Zhongxian actively opened a new shipping channel. After "Zhong Orange" was transported to Chongqing Jiangbei Airport, it was sent to Singapore by air. It is reported that the shipping is expected to take 3 days, 11 days faster than ordinary land-sea transportation, which can guarantee the fresh taste of oranges to a greater extent.

Chongqing's "Zhong Orange" Exported to Singapore_fororder_2.2

Orchard of the "Zhong Orange" in Zhongxian County [Photo provide by Zhongxian County Cultural Tourism Commission]

In 2020, "Zhong Orange" was exported to Singapore, and its unique taste and flavor were loved by Singaporeans. This year, Zhongxian signed a contract with Singapore Tianci Liangyuan Limited Company. and authorized Tianci Liangyuan Limited Company. as an exclusive agent for sales of "Zhong Orange" in some overseas markets such as Singapore, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East, to create "Zhong Orange" as an overseas high-end brand. Next, Zhongxian will continue to carry out activities such as normalized export of "Zhong Oranges" and e-commerce promotions, which will continue until April 2022.

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