Foreign Internet Celebrities Enjoys Crayfishes and Beers in Wuhan

|ChinaNews|Published:2021-04-30 21:30:17

Night in Wuhan should be spent by hanging with friends and enjoying food and drinks together. On April 22, the "International Internet Celebrities Wuhan Tour" event was held in Crayfish King Restaurant. Foreign Internet celebrities enjoyed different crayfish dishes there and felt the vitality of Wuhan's old street.

"So you hold the head of the crayfish on one hand, and tail on the other hand. Twist it and you just successfully separated the crayfish. Remember to try the juice in the crayfish head. It's unbelievably tasty!"  The restauranteur taught foreign friends to eat crayfish while finding out they were confused. "How's my job?" American Internet celebrity Christopher Chiou showed other people his peeled crayfish. He then put the crayfish meat on the top of the cold noodles, making a creative way of eating.

The restaurant provided four different flavored crayfish, “but we still have hundreds more different flavors in eight main categories such as oil braise, gravy, steam, deep fry, and barbecue. This is only a tip of an iceberg.” Said the charge of the restaurant. “We also eat crayfish in Greece, but Greek crayfishes are way bigger than this. We usually eat it with spaghetti. These four flavored crayfish are very special and new to me.” Said Ava Papaz, who is an Internet celebrity from Pangda studio of Greek Division of European and Latin American Language Program Center, China Media Group.

Jiqing Street was busy at night, showing the vitality of Wuhan. The Internet popular restaurant has become the new hot spot of the night economy.

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