Foreign Internet Celebrities Telling Fujian Stories - Episode 6∣Most Beautiful Walkway - Benefits for the People and Blessing for the City of Fuzhou

|ChinaNews|Published:2021-06-22 10:18:50

Fuzhou is a city of mountains and rivers, with green mountains surrounding the city and crossing river networks. The city also has an urban forest trail - Fudao. The 19km Fudao has 10 entrances connecting five major parks in Fuzhou. Fudao, as a natural "oxygen bar", is the first urban landscape ecological leisure fitness corridor of the city. Fudao  also connects the countryside parks around the city to present a total of about 400 kilometers of greenway. The trail extends up the hills and by the waters or around the lakes, attracting visitors to linger for pleasant scenery all around.

In this video, Wang Mulin, an Egyptian Internet celebrity, records the pleasant scenery of Fudao with his camera and tells you the story of the planning and construction of Fudao in Fuzhou.

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