China-Europe Railway Express from Chengdu Reaches 63 Overseas Stations

|ChinaNews|Published:2021-08-20 17:41:42

China-Europe Railway Express from Chengdu [photo by Bai Guibin]

Recently, two China-Europe Railway Expresses loaded with 50 containers left Chengdu International Railway Port at the same time. They were sent to Rostock, Germany and swafkuv, Poland. The first launch of double synchronous train was successfully implemented. So far, the network of China-Europe Express from Chengdu has been added up to include 63 overseas stations, and the global land and sea freight distribution system has been further improved.

It is reported that the Port of Rostock is a freight hub on the Baltic Sea and also Germany's only deep water port on the Baltic Sea. The train to Svavkuff in Poland is the first wide-gauge train from Chengdu to the European hinterland.