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Luoyang Cultural Tourism Festival to open on September 20th

|ChinaNews|2018-12-26 19:49:51

Luoyang Cultural Tourism Festival to open on September 20th

The much anticipated Luoyang Cultural Tourism Festival is set to kick off on September 20th and is expected to last until October 10th. As part of this festival, visitors will have access to a Cultural Tourism Industry Expo as well as be able to indulge in a carnival of local Luoyang cuisine. Organisers hope that the event will be significant in promoting the development of the city's local tourism industry and in turn benefit the local people.

The Expo on its own is expected to be the main communication platform for travel merchandise, which will offer transaction services as well as research and development opportunities for Luoyang's cultural tourism products.

Sited at the Luoyang exhibition center, this Cultural Tourism Industry Expo is the first to be held in central China's Henan province. About 1000 companies from 6 different provinces in central China and cities along the Silk Road economic belt are expected to exhibit at the expo.

The Cultural Tourism Industry Expo will be opened from September 22nd and will run until September 24th.

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