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  Yes, that’s what everybody thought about it - except him! At first he was just a little bit dumb, but suddenly he shouted at all of us and said there was cheating taking place. He is such a sore loser, isn’t he?

  是哦,每个人都这么想的,但他不是。开始的时候,他还只是有点沉默而已,后来突然就朝我们大声嚷嚷起来,觉得我们骗他了。他可真是个sore loser。

  Certainly he is. He really is a loser.


  Oh, no that’s not what I mean. You didn’t notice the word Sore.


  Oh, any different?


  Yes. Sore means somebody is roused to anger.


  You mean getting angry easily?


  Ah, so sore loser describes not the fact that he lost the game, but that he is an easily-annoyed person.

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