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[双语图片] 你爱着什么人吗?那就对他们说出来!

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  On my way home from coaching basketball yesterday, I was listening to WGN - my favorite talk radio station out of Chicago. I could tell right away that there was something wrong by the somber1 mood of the speaker. There had been a plane crash. Two small planes collided into each other over a northern suburb of Chicago. What made the story hit close to home2 was that Bob Collins, the morning show man for WGN, was the pilot of one of the planes and had been killed. Later that night, as I made my 40 minute drive to my third shift3 job, I listened as the station reminisced and paid tribute to a man who was loved by many. They told story after story, describing him as the ultimate friend, and a man who had lived life to the fullest. Genuine love and affection poured in from all over the country. The more I listened about how this man had influenced those around him, the more discouraged I became.

  昨天教完篮球课,我在回家的路上听着WGN 电台的节目,这是芝加哥的广播电台中我最喜欢的谈话节目电台,主持人低沉的语调让我马上得知可能有什么不好的事情发生了。那是一场空难,两架小型飞机在芝加哥北部郊区上空相撞了。这个消息让我震动,因为相撞飞机的驾驶员之一就是WGN 电台早播节目主持人鲍勃·柯林斯,他在事故中遇难了。当晚我驱车40 分钟去我要值夜班的地方,途中我在电台中听到了人们对他的缅怀和敬意,许多人都敬慕他。人们讲述着他的故事,一个接一个,将他说成是我们一生的朋友、一个一生充实的人。人们对他真切的喜爱和情感从全国各地倾泻而来。但关于这个人对他身边的人们造成了何等影响,我听得越多就越觉得沮丧。


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  Why you ask?

  I was discouraged because I wanted to know why we as a culture, wait until somebody has passed away before we tell them how much we love them? Why do we wait until someone’s ears can’t hear before we let them know how much they mean to us? Why do we wait until it is too late before we recall the good qualities of a person? Why do we build someone up after they have gone into eternity? What good does it do then? We share memory after memory, as we laugh, cry, and think back about what was positive in a person’s life. Yes, it does help us cope with the grief of losing someone that was special to us. And yes, it does bring those who are coping closer together. But as we lovingly remember this person, our words fall short of the ears that most needed to hear them.




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  Just once I would like to see a celebration of life, instead of a gathering of death. A celebration where stories are told, eyes mist over, laughter rings out; and as the speaker concludes his or her loving tribute, the person they are honoring rises from their chair and gives them the biggest bear hug! Wouldn’t that be something! The special person gets to hear the stories and come to the realization that they have made a difference on this earth. And all this is done well before they leave their earthly bodies and go into eternity. And when the inevitable funeral finally comes, we can say goodbye with the knowledge that they knew exactly how people felt about them while they were here on earth.



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  I now have a stronger resolve to tell those around me how much they mean to me. I am going to let my wife know just how loved and appreciated she is, not only by my words, but also by my actions. I am going to play Batman with my four year old more often, and in the middle of our romping, I am going to grab him, hug him tightly, and tell him how thankful I am that he is my son. I am going to sneak into my sleeping toddler’s bedroom, place my lips on his chubby cheek, and thank God for the bundle of joy he has brought into my life. Each day I will make a point to tell both of my boys how much I love them, whether they are four or eighteen! From there, I am going to let family and friends know the tremendous impact they have had on my life. And last but not least, I am going to let the high school players I coach know that I look forward to each and every minute that I get to spend with them in the gym.

  如今,我更加坚定地要告知身边的人,让他们知道他们对我是何等重要。我要让我的妻子知道我是多么爱她、欣赏她——不仅要说出来,还要用行动向她表示。我要多多地陪4 岁的儿子玩“蝙蝠侠”游戏,在嬉笑打闹中,我会抓住他,紧紧地抱着他,告诉他有这样一个儿子我是多么感激。我要悄悄走到我那熟睡的蹒跚学步的孩子床前,亲吻他胖嘟嘟的脸蛋儿,感谢上帝将如此多的欢乐带进我的生命。每一天,我都会告诉两个儿子我是多么爱他们,无论他们是4 岁还是18 岁!(通过这些举动,)我要让我的家人和朋友们知道他们对我的生活有着巨大的影响。最后,但也同样重要的是,我要让跟我训练的那些中学生们知道,我向往着和他们在体育馆里一同练习的每一分钟。


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  Do you love someone? Then tell them! Has someone been an influence in your life? Then give them a call! Has someone made a difference in your life? Then write them a letter or send them an email! Life is too short to leave kind words unsaid. The words you say, or the letters you write, might just make all the difference in the world.


  1. somber a . 忧郁的;闷闷不乐的

  2. close to home: 极大地影响某人

  3. 三班制(three-shift system) 是最经常使用的轮班制度,各国的时间安排不尽相同, 通常“ 早班” (或“白班”)(first shift 或day shift)为6:00 a.m. ~ 2:00 p.m,“ 中班” (second shift 或middle shift) 为2:00 p.m. ~ 10:00 p.m,“ 晚班”(“ 夜班” 或“ 大夜班”)(third shift, night shift 或graveyard shift)为10:00 p.m. ~ 6:00 a.m.,或者将全天24 小时等分成三部分,每一部分为一班。









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