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Almost Over You
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      Brain Bleed Killed Woman After Disney Ride
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      Women Put away Their Hankies and Turn to Crime
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      Beaver Goes to College to Get New Teeth
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     Drinking more water does no harm in elderly men
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    CRIonline实用英语课堂 Unit 31
    下期节目预告:At the Flea Market  跳蚤市场猎奇

    Unit 31  Show Biz 缤纷娱乐圈 整档节目节目收听

    Part 1 Somebody So Different 与众不同的大明星

        She was born Barbara Joan Streisand on April 24, 1942, in Brooklyn, New York. Her father died when she was 15 months old. Her childhood was a distinctly unhappy one. She once said her only toy was a hot-water bottle she dressed in doll's clothes.

        After her mother remarried, she experienced conflicts with her stepfather. He once told her she could not have any ice cream because she was too ugly. She was not popular with other children, either. But she was an excellent student, consistently ranking to the top 10 of her class. When she was 13, she recorded two songs. She once worked as a cashier in a Chinese restaurant and as a receptionist in an ad agency.

        She changed the spelling of her first name – from Barbara to Barbra – for her nightclub debut. She gained initial public notice with her performance as Miss Marmelstein in the musical I Can Get It for You Wholesale. On opening night she received a standing ovation. She released her debut recording the following year. It proved immensely popular and was awarded the Grammy for Album of the Year. She was 21.

        Around the same time she appeared in the stage version of Funny girl, which quickly became a huge success. She was 25 when she appeared in the film version, which was also a box-office triumph. The salary and contractual agreements she received for her next movie, Hello, Dolly, made her the highest-paid performer in films at the time.

        She was famously self-absorbed, "Barbra's favorite subject is Barbra," an intimate has observed. According to Streisand, her aloofness and reserve stem from a basic shyness, "Around people I don't know, I'm totally at a loss," she once said. Her perfectionism has alienated some co-workers. Her well-known disinclination for live performances began when she forgot the words to several songs during a concert appearance.

        She was the first woman to write, produce, direct, and star in a mainstream Hollywood film: Yentl. She has won two Academy Awards, one in 1976 as the composer of the Best Original Song (“Evergreen”). The other was in a rare tie for the Best Actress (1968), along with Katharine Hepburn. She won for Funny Girl. She has also won a Tony, several Grammys, and handful of Emmys and Golden Globes, one of the very few performers to do so.

        1942年4月24日,Barbara Joan Streisand出生于纽约布鲁克林。她父亲在她15个月大的时候就去世了。她的童年毫无乐趣可言。Barbra曾说,她小时候唯一的玩具就是被她套上洋娃娃衣服的一个热水瓶。她母亲再婚后,她和继父之间经常发生冲突,有一次她的继父告诉她,她不能吃冰淇淋,因为她长的太丑了。她在其他孩子中间也不受欢迎。不过,她却是一个优秀的学生,在班上的成绩总是名列前茅。Barbra13岁的时候,灌制了两首歌曲,她曾在一家中国餐馆当过收银员,也在广告代理公司当过接待员。

        为了她在夜总会的首场演出,她把名字的拼法从Barbara 变成Barbra。她以《我可以用批发价卖给你》这出音乐剧中的“Miss Marmelstein”这个角色,引起了公众的注意。在首演的那个晚上,全场观众为她起立鼓掌。第二年,她发行了她的首张唱片。这张专辑大受欢迎,为她赢得了格莱美年度最佳唱片的奖项。当时她只有21岁。


        她强烈的自我意识也是众所周知的。她的一位密友说:“Barbra最喜欢的话题就是Barbra。” 据她本人说,她的冷漠和自我隐藏来自于自己害羞的本性,她曾经说:“和不相识的人相处,我简直就是不知所措。”她的完美主义也使她和一些合作者关系疏远。Barbra对现场表演的厌恶也是有名的,这是因为她在一次现场演唱会上忘记了几首歌的歌词。

        Barbra是第一位在好莱坞主流电影 Yentl 中自编、自导、自演的女性。她曾两次获得奥斯卡金像奖,一次是1976年电影《常青树》的最佳原著音乐奖。另外一次是1968她以影片《俏女郎》和Katharine Hepburn共同获得最佳女主角奖。她也曾获得过一个电影安东尼奖,数个格莱美奖,和好几个艾美奖和金球奖,是享有这么多殊荣的极少数演员中的一位。






    电影漫话-虎兄虎弟/Two Brothers

    英乐时空 Music English Studio-《六人行》系列:I'll Be There For You

    英语新闻周报/English News Weekly(2005-03-07)

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