The Film "Chang'an, Chang'an" Starts Shooting

|ChinaNews|Published:2022-05-18 14:15:29

The Film "Chang'an, Chang'an" Starts Shooting_fororder_1

A group photo of the cast and crew [Photo by Wu Yuting]

A ceremony was held to celebrate the start of shooting for the film "Chang'an, Chang'an" in Xi'an on May 16. Present at the event were Shi Jia, the film producer, Zhang Zhong, a national first-class director and also the director of the film, as well as leading actors including Cao Jun, Chen Sisi, and Alima, and other members of the production team.

Shi Jia noted that "Chang'an, Chang'an" is a mainstream film centered on the 10th anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative and aims to reflect the achievements made by China and other countries along the Belt and Road. 

The Film "Chang'an, Chang'an" Starts Shooting_fororder_2

A group photo of the production team and guests [Photo by Wu Yuting]

"The film tells stories about China and other countries along the Belt and Road. I'm very honored to play a part in the film, and I hope to work with the director and other actors to present a high-quality piece of work," said Cao Jun, a leading actor in the film.

Alima noted, "It is the first time for me to be here, and Xi'an makes me feel special. For example, it adopts strict pandemic prevention measures and offers comprehensive services, which provides a safe and reassuring environment for me to work here. Moreover, I hope I will play my role well in the film."

The Film "Chang'an, Chang'an" Starts Shooting_fororder_3

The shooting site [Photo by Wu Yuting]

The film "Chang'an, Chang'an" is supervised and scripted by Narges Abyar, an internationally renowned director, Oscar judge and Oscar nominee for Best Foreign Language Film. It is produced by CRI Online of China Media Group and Xi'an Port Culture and Sports Industry Development Company, and made by Shaanxi Butterfly Effect Entertainment Media Co., Ltd.

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