2022 China Shenyang Overseas Elite Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition Launched with Registration for Overseas Events Opened

|ChinaNews|Published:2022-06-22 13:38:39

May 25 witnessed the launch of 2022 China Shenyang Overseas Elite Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition. The registration for overseas events has also been opened for overseas entrepreneurs.

There will be special events in China, Asia and Europe. The Asian events will cover Japan, Malaysia and Thailand. European events will be held in Germany, Britain, Belgium, Italy, and Sweden. Each special event will include the preliminary contest, the semi-final contest, and the final roadshow and oral examination for the registered sci-tech projects. Gold, silver and bronze prizes will be awarded at the end of the competition.

The competition will bring together overseas sci-tech groups, incubators and sci-tech service institutions such as UMI ASIA, CENTI Group, H&D Partners SRL, Tecnopolis Technology and Science Park, and Nordic Times Innovation, as well as nearly 40 well-known Chinese venture capital and financial institutions, which include Zheshang Venture Capital, CASIC, China Venture Capital Inc. and China ZHONGJI Investment, as cooperative units. 

This competition will give a start-up implementation and incubation subsidy of up to CNY 300,000 (about USD 45,030) to the winning projects which are transformed into registered enterprises in Shenyang. Each project assessed as "Particularly-excellent Projects" can acquire the "Angel Investment Support" of up to CNY 10 million (about USD 1.5 million). In terms of achievement commercialization, Shenyang High-tech Zone has also formulated the process for achievement commercialization and project implementation, and established a special fund of CNY 500 million (USD 74.45 million) for the commercialization of sci-tech achievements in the High-tech Zone, aiming to give key support to the excellent projects of the competition and efficiently drive the growth of those projects.

China Shenyang Overseas Elite Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition has been held for seven consecutive years. It has vigorously provided high-quality services for innovation and entrepreneurship of sci-tech talents at home and abroad, attracted many high-level sci-tech teams to Shenyang for innovation and entrepreneurship, and facilitated the implementation and commercialization of a number of high-quality sci-tech projects.

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