Looking at Wucheng From a Different Perspective-The Harvest City-Wucheng

|ChinaNews|Published:2022-11-11 14:36:57

With fresh and juicy alpine vegetables and fruits, and golden rice fields stacked on top of each other,  Wucheng in the autumn is full of beautiful and bumper harvests.

In the golden autumn, Senna from Tunisia came to Wucheng District, Jinhua, Zhejiang. In Daishang Village, she breathed the fresh air surrounded by mountains, listened to the crisp chirping of birds, and tasted fresh and healthy alpine fruits and vegetables. In the Tashi Terrace, she cut, threshed rice and tied straw with children to share the joy of harvest. How beautiful! The blue sky, clouds, mountains, villages, everything here seems like a picture scroll left by God. Senna hopes she can return to this place again. She felt that Wucheng was a great place.

Production Designers:Zhao Yanhua   Xu Lixing

Director:Huang Dongdong

Associate Production Designer:Zhang Ming   Wen Fei

Photographers :Sun Fengchuan   Jia Chunyang

Editor:  Hu Jun   Li Xumei   Huang Dongdong

Colorist: Hu Jun


Production Managers:Yue Yinghong   Chen Li   Jia Xiaoru

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