Looking at Wucheng From a Different Perspective-Harmonious Village

|ChinaNews|Published:2022-11-11 14:22:19

The cute pig model, the vast Jinhua ham model, the rolling hills, the green tea garden, the green and eye-catching bamboo forest, and the elegant European manor-style main building are all in here. Wang Mulin, an international friend from Egypt, came to the Panda Pig Two-End Black International Ranch in Wucheng District, Jinhua, Zhejiang. Here, the two-end black pigs enjoy the high-standard treatment with "air conditioning in summer and floor heating in winter". They also drink spring water, listen to music and play with toys, which is quite cozy.

An old saying here is, "Jinhua people shall tears if they don't see Jianfeng Mountain for three days." Wang Mulin followed the local customs and came to Jianfeng Mountain. Looking down from the top of the mountain, Jinhua City gradually comes into view, which is extremely beautiful and spectacular.

Production Designers:Zhao Yanhua   Xu Lixing

Director:Huang Dongdong

Associate Production Designer:Zhang Ming   Wen Fei

Photographers :Sun Fengchuan   Jia Chunyang

Editor:  Hu Jun   Li Xumei   Huang Dongdong

Colorist: Hu Jun


Production Managers:Yue Yinghong   Chen Li   Jia Xiaoru

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