The 30th Anniversary of the Establishment of the ICAS of Lanzhou University and the 22nd Academic Seminar on Central Asian Issues Held

| ChinaNews |Published: 2024-06-18 10:16:11

Recently, the 30th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Institute for Central Asian Studies (ICAS) of Lanzhou University and the 22nd Academic Seminar on Central Asian Issues was held at Lanzhou University. The event was organized by the Institute of Russian, Eastern European, and Central Asian Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the ICAS of Lanzhou University, the Institute of International and Strategic Studies, Peking University, the Institute of Central Asia of Shaanxi Normal University, the Center for Russian Studies and Kazakhstan Studies of East China Normal University, and the Institute of Central Asian Studies of Xinjiang Academy of Social Sciences, and hosted by the ICAS of Lanzhou University, the China-Central Asia Big Data Research Institute, and the School of Politics and International Relations, Lanzhou University.

Experts and scholars from many domestic universities and institutions gathered at Lanzhou University to discuss the new situation, new challenges in the Central Asian region, as well as the new developments in China's relations with Central Asian countries. The seminar featured four parallel forums where experts, scholars, and postgraduate students discussed and shared insights on topics such as "Research on Regional and Country Issues," "China's Relations with Central Asia," and "Interactions between Major Countries and Central Asia," providing valuable intellectual support for promoting cooperation and development between China and Central Asian countries.

This academic seminar not only provides an important platform for academic exchange among the participants, but also offers new ideas and directions for future research on Central Asian countries and regional issues. Looking ahead, the ICAS of Lanzhou University will continue to strengthen team building, cultivate more outstanding talents, and enhance exchanges and cooperation with the academic community at home and abroad, in order to jointly advance research on Central Asian issues. (Video production: Chen Jie)

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