Members of the Society of American Travel Writers Enjoy Activity-packed “Impression of Shaanxi” Trip

Peng Simin|ChinaNews|Published:2018-04-13 15:03:13


Members of the Society of American Travel Writers at Forest of Stone Steles Museum in Shaanxi province (Photo by Tang Baoping)


Getting a taste of Xian’s catering culture at Xian Muslim street (Huifang Style Street) (Photo by Tang Baoping)


Trying out one of the oldest known Chinese musical instruments “Xun” (Photo by Tang Baoping)


Experiencing the crafting of “huamo”, a steamed bread with a strong ornamental function, in Hancheng (Photo by Tang Baoping)


Yan'an Qiankun Bay Scenic Spot (Photo by Tang Baoping)


Appreciating the beauty of Huashan Mountain (Photo by Tang Baoping)


Experiencing Ansai paper cutting (Photo by Tang Baoping)


Experiencing the charm of Chinese Calligraphy (Photo by Tang Baoping)


Capturing the fleeting scenery from a fast-moving high-speed train  (Photo by Tang Baoping)

Members of the Society of American Travel Writers embarked on a 14-day “Impression of Shaanxi” journey from March 29th to April 11th. The quest for folk and local customs in Shaanxi gradually wound to a close on the penultimate day of the trip.

The travelers began their journey from Xi’an in Shaanxi Province and passed through such cities as Xianyang, Hanzhong, Hancheng, Yulin, and Yan’an. Throughout the trip, members of the Society of American Travel Writers were treated to a broad panorama of Chinese history and culture, breathtaking natural scenery, a taste of distinctive local Shaanxi cuisine and a rich and delightful blend of traditional folk customs. The American guests brought back to the US a memory and experience of the geographically diverse lands in southern Shaanxi, the central Shanxi plain and northern Shaanxi.(Kevin)

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