[100 Reasons for Loving Beijing] Kurt Karst, chairman of Ministerial Council of GDCF: Beijing is changing with each passing day

|ChinaNews|Published:2019-11-05 15:15:27

Recently CRI Online has released a series of micro-video reports. Protagonists of these episodes are from different countries and each will use several words to explain why they love Beijing. The serial video reports aim to show the happiness and sense of gain of living in Beijing through international people's viewpoints.

Kurt Karst is the chairman of Ministerial Council of the German-Chinese Friendship Society (GDCF). In 1995, Kurt came to China for the first time, and since then he has often traveled to China. Karst thought that Beijing is a not only an ancient city with thousand years' history, but also a metropolis changing everyday. "When I first came to Beijing in 1995, I saw a huge number of bicycles on the street. Today, on almost the same road, there are numerous cars," said Karst after witnessing the rapid change of Beijing.

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