[Story in Beijing] Till Martin: my encounter with Beijing, an eco-city

|ChinaNews|Published:2019-12-03 09:32:05

Story in Beijing is a serial short video program produced and released by CRI Online. Each video introduces a foreigner's story in Beijing, and how they fall in love with this city. By sharing their own experience and feelings when they are living in Beijing with the audience, these 'Beijing fans' express their love to Beijing, and show the charm of Beijing to the world.

Till Martin: my encounter with Beijing, an eco-city

Till Martin is a hotel general manager from Germany. He and his family have been living in Beijing for six years. When living in Beijing, Till Martin has been actively taking actions to protect Beijing's ecological environment. He and his family cleaned the community's public health and participated in tree planting activities. He and his family often do cleaning in the nearby community and participate in tree planting activities. At work, he has been promoting the use of green products such as paper cups in the hotel. According to Till Martin, Beijing has been building a large number of parks and moving away classical engines with electrical cars. Therefore, Beijing has taken economic development into account while protecting the ecological environment. Till Martin said that although there are still many things to do in the future, Beijing's current emphasis on ecological protection is really amazing.

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