[100 Reasons for Loving Beijing] Indonesian photographer Hariandi: Beijing's transportation system makes travel easier

|ChinaNews|Published:2019-12-25 15:54:34

Recently CRI Online has released a series of micro-video reports. Protagonists of these episodes are from different countries and each will use several words to explain why they love Beijing. The serial video reports aim to show the happiness and sense of gain of living in Beijing through international people's viewpoints.

Hariandi Hafid is a photographer from Indonesia. During his tour in Beijing, Hariandi Hafid kept recording everything with his camera. Hariandi Hafid said that from the perspective of a photographer, Beijing has unique architectural style, and the culture of this city is rich and diverse. In addition, Beijing's transportation also impressed Hariandi Hafid. "Beijing has done a good job in integrating the transportation system, making it easier for people to go anywhere they want."

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