A New Window to Learn about China - "Romantic Dalian" English Facebook Page Launched on New Year's Day

|ChinaNews|Published:2022-01-06 17:31:25

To showcase the scenery and splendid culture of Dalian to the world, and to tell stories of culture and tourism in Dalian well, on January 1, "Romantic Dalian" English Facebook page was officially launched and sent best wishes to overseas friends for the New Year.

A New Window to Learn about China - "Romantic Dalian" English Facebook Page Launched in the New Year_fororder_图片1

"Romantic Dalian" English Facebook page sent New Year greetings to foreign friends. (Web Page Screenshot)

"Romantic Dalian" English Facebook page will continuously present Dalian's tourism resources and splendid culture to the world, and help netizens learn about the openness and inclusiveness of Dalian, a beautiful city with brilliant culture.

As a major port city and tourist destination in northern China, Dalian boasts China's national 5A-class scenic spots including Golden Pebble Beach National Tourism Resort (also known as Jinshitan Scenic Area) and Tiger Beach Ocean Park. Xinghai Square, Zhongshan Square and other places are must-visit attractions for tourists from various countries. Amazing coastal scenery of the city enjoys a good reputation at home and abroad.

Tourists in Dalian can enjoy the cherry blossoms and black locust flowers in spring, embrace the sea and taste delicious seafood in summer, pick sweet fruits in autumn, play with ice and snow and soak in hot springs in winter. Dalian features fascinating scenery and delicious food all the year round, enabling tourists to have great fun.

Reputed as a city of openness and innovation, and a renowned city of romanticism lying along the bay, Dalian is also a romantic port city with nice scenery, splendid culture, vitality, passion and interesting stories. The launch of "Romantic Dalian" English Facebook page will let the world feel the passion and romanticism of Dalian. You can learn about and understand Dalian by checking https://www.facebook.com/RomanticDalian.

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