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【Editorial Cartoon】American-style "The Gaslight Effect"
13:16:47 22-04-2024From:CRI Online of China Media GroupEditor:Liang Ning

【Editorial Cartoon】American-style "The Gaslight Effect"_fororder_s英美式媒气灯

  The leaders of the United States, Japan and the Philippines recently held their trilateral summit, the first of its kind, in Washington, agreeing to strengthen defense and economic cooperation. Meanwhile, they smeared and attacked China on the South China Sea issue, the East China Sea issue and the Taiwan question, which have been strongly criticized by China. The United States argued that China had no reason to see the trilateral summit as a threat. Philippine President Marcos said that it will not affect China's investments in the Philippines. In response, netizens quoted the "The Gaslight Effect" to sarcastically ridicule: What a world-class trick!

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