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【Editorial Cartoon】You guess which one is the truth?
10:04:23 25-04-2024From:CRI Online of China Media GroupEditor:Liang Ning

【Editorial Cartoon】You guess which one is the truth?_fororder_S英【国际漫评】你猜哪个是真心话?

  Recently, the United Nations Security Council voted on a draft resolution recommending that recommends to the UN General Assembly that "the State of Palestine be admitted to membership of the United Nations." The draft failed to pass because the United States, a permanent member of the Security Council, exercised its veto power. Palestine’s full UN membership is an important step for it to establish an independent state. The United States verbally supports the "two-state solution", but actually it has been preventing Palestinians' dream of statehood from coming true, fully exposing its hypocrisy.

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