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【Editorial Cartoon】The aid is a side-show!
13:33:25 03-06-2024From:CRI Online of China Media GroupEditor:Song Fanghui

【Editorial Cartoon】The aid is a side-show!_fororder_加沙码头(英)

  The temporary pier built by the U.S at a cost of US$320 million in the Gaza Strip to provide humanitarian aids to local people has experienced a string of s problems since its usage. First, after being broken apart by wind and waves, part of the pier structure drifted away with the waves and beached; then a US military vessel going to deliver aids also beached accidentally; finally, even the main body of the pier began to sink. On May 28th, the U.S. Department of Defense stated that the temporary pier was partially broken apart due to bad weather and could only be temporarily dismantled for repairs. It took less than two weeks after the pier became operational. Such "aid" is a side-show!

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