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【Editorial Cartoon】Such Sucking "Fairness"
15:21:55 17-06-2024From:CRI Online of China Media GroupEditor:Wang Jiayu

【Editorial Cartoon】Such Sucking "Fairness"_fororder_英语

  On June 12th, under the pretext of "safeguarding fair competition," the European Commission announced plans to impose an additional tariff of up to 38.1% on imported electric vehicles (EVs) from China. The EU's version of "fairness", instead of protecting fair competition that it claims to be doing, serves to undermine and sabotage the competitive environment for Chinese EV companies in the European market.

  Produced by | CRI Online

  Executive Producer|Wei Jing

  Chief Planner | Zhong Renzong

  Producer | Jiang Lili

  Editor-in-Chief |Liu Muchen

  Program Planner|Wang Jiayu

  Illustrator | Cao Zhen