The Activity of “2018 Chinese and Foreign Journalists in Huiji” Was Held in Huiji, Zhengzhou

|ChinaNews|Published:2018-10-30 11:36:01

Oct 26th, the activity of “2018 Chinese and foreign journalists in Huiji” was held in Huiji, Zhengzhou. The interview team of twenty members from domestic and overseas walked into Huiji, Zhengzhou. The journalists visited Yellow River scenic area, China Grand Canel Tongji trench in Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou Chenzhai (double bridge) flower base, Zhengzhou Sanquan Foods, Liangkuwenshe Cultural and Creative Park, and some other scenic spots to feel the rich ecological humanistic foundation and special industrial distribution, showing the unique charm of Huiji to the world in different perspectives.


Caption: Yellow River scenic area [Photo by Wang Dengchang]

In Yellow River scenic area, journalists felt the grandiosity of the huge Yandi and Huangdi sculpture. Meanwhile, they looked back to the extended Chinese history. Lv Jiarong, Taiwan reporter from Want Daily said that Yellow River nourishes the land, gives birth to Chinese civilization. People not only can enjoy the unique natural scenery, but also touch the profound history here. The development orientation of all-for-one tourism will promote Hujiji development.


Caption: Natural scenery of Huiji Guying grand canel [Photo by Fu Rui]

Wang Zheng, Tanzania abroad student has lived in China for many years, he loves Chinese dumplings. After watching dumpling production in Sanquan Foods, he said it’s a little different with the dumplings in supermarket. “A company like that is really important for the regional development. It’s the best joint point of agriculture and industry. on the one hand, farmers’ incomes and living standard will be increased, on the other hand, I’m so appreciate the value of Sanquan Foods because its good reputation in Henan.”


Caption: Wang Zheng visits Sanquan Foods [Photo by Hu Ying]

Wang Zheng said, “It would remind me that Tanzania needs this kind of enterprise as well, combining agriculture and industry. Hope my country will follow the example of this production model, let agriculture and industry benefit from it.”


Caption: The group photo of the interview team [Photo by Fu Rui]

The area of Huiji, Zhengzhou is about 232.8 square kilometers with the population of 300 thousand. The name of “Huiji” was from the “Huiji Bridge” in China Grand Canel Tongji trench in Zhengzhou.

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