POWERCHINA Sets Another Example of China-Côte d'Ivoire Cooperation, Benefiting the People

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As one of the earliest central enterprises to carry out international business, Power Construction Corporation of China (POWERCHINA for short) has long become an important force in the construction of “The Belt and Road” , as well as a leading enterprise in international production capacity cooperation. POWERCHINA is implementing the concept of extensive consultation, jointly contribution and shared benefits with its heart and sincerity in Côte d'Ivoire, a Western African country far away from the sea.

Building under basin development and systematic governance, the Gribo-Popoli Hydropower Station is the third-level power station of the Sassandra River basin. The abundant water resources make it a precious energy mine and a new engine for the socio-economic development for the country and its neighbors.

"This project will help alleviate power shortage in Côte d'Ivoire and play a positive role in promoting the development of the West African Power Pool. At the same time, the project will save valuable fossil energy resources, reduce environmental pollution, and alleviate environmental pressure," said the Chinese person in charge of the project. What's more, it can also effectively drive up employment, increase tax revenue, and promote the development of industrials of construction materials and services. Its operation will bring greater social and economic benefits, playing a significant role in promoting the economy in Cote d'Ivoire.

Currently, different lines of work are processing in order, such as the construction of the plant, spillway, dam, cofferdam, rock excavation and temporary construction. During its construction, constructors from both countries have been working hard to overcome difficulties in technologies, complex local geological conditions, and the epidemic, connecting the dreams of the two peoples with the value of living in harmony with differences.

POWERCHINA Sets Another Example of China-Côte d'Ivoire Cooperation, Benefiting the People_fororder_图片9

Photo of the local inspection team at the power plant area

Kouamo, a project engineer from Cote d'Ivoire, was encouraged by POWERCHINA's industry-leading advantages and rich experiences. “When encountered difficulties, I actively communicated with my Chinese colleagues and helped them communicate with the owner's supervisors, making my own contribution to the project,” said him. In his opinion, the solution of technical problems could greatly accelerate the construction progress, save the project cost and cultivate a number of professional technical personnel. At the same time, it would encourage all construction personnel, increase the courage and confidence to overcome difficulties, and put more enthusiasm into the construction.

In view of the complicated geological conditions of the Sasssandra River bed, high weathering degree of the surface rocks, complex vertical and horizontal fractures of the rocks, strong permeability of the foundation and other problems, the project department introduced the advanced GIN grouting process from France, which shortened the construction period by about 30%, improved efficiency, and quickly provided the working surface for the dam filling. "A large number of experienced construction workers are the most valuable asset of the project. POWERCHINA team is very powerful and professional. They provided us with advanced technology and construction methods, and we have a lot to learn from them." said Kuamo.

Estelle, the project administrative secretary, witnessed an overseas employee growing from a zero foundation since graduation to a professional staff. The efficient and fast-paced work let her always keeping a learning state and adjusting work style constantly. As an employee for nearly eight years, Estelle has tangible feelings about the changes in her own and local life in Côte d'Ivoire. "POWERCHINA helped us build houses, roads and electricity. I feel so proud that the electricity came from my work place. My country's economy is not good, and POWERCHINA provides jobs and stable income for many people, which is very important for a family."

Adamu is a driver for the project. After entering the project, he saw the huge Gribo-Popoli Hydropower Station and its auxiliary projects and also saw the earnest and diligent working attitude of Chinese people. They were full of energy. Adamu said the project brought him more than a stable job and also various insurance policies, which exempted him from worries. Even the subsidies of business trips made him feel the humanization of the management.

Adamu has been working in POWERCHINA for eight years. He has a strong sense of belonging here and considers it as his second home. “POWERCHINA has not only provided more jobs and welfare benefits for our local people, but greatly helped our country's economic development. I look forward to seeing this Chinese company grow bigger and stronger in Côte d'Ivoire and provide more opportunities for our people to realize their aspirations while benefiting both countries."

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