Savour Sichuan hot-pot with a panda in your arms: a Tianfu Cultural Town in Xindu district of Chengdu

|ChinaNews|Published:2018-12-24 10:11:06

Construction of Sino-French (Chengdu) Giant Panda Ecological and Creative Industrial Park was completed in 2018. Total area of the Park is about 5257 mu (3.5km2). As most of the project area sits within the boundary of Xindu district, Xindu is now working on a project named “Tianfu Hot-pot Town” with the slogan “Savour Sichuan hot-pot with a panda in your arms” which is in essence a culturally featured scenic spot where tourists can experience the hot-pot culture of Chengdu in the wild.


Treehouse Hot-pot [Photo by Publicity Department of Xindu district Party Committee]

Tianfu Hot-pot Town is located in Wulongshan area which is only 2.8 km away from Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding,covering an area of about 1.9km2. The town is a tourism resort integrating treehouses, gardening and other creative features. Key attraction of town, Mage Manor, attracts flocks of tourists with special experiences such as “Treehouse Hot-pot” and “Hot-pot in a Boat”.


Hotpot in a Boat [Photo by Publicity Department of Xindu district Party Committee]

In the Mage Manor, tourists can eat hotpot in a wooden hut, enjoying delicious spicy food and braving the numbing effect of Ma (a special taste of hot-pot) between lips and teeth, listen to bird’s singing and feel the gentle breeze petting by in the woods. Hot-pot in a Boat is another featured experience besides of Treehouse Hot-pot. The boats are joint by bamboos so that they look just like extra-large bamboo rafts.

In June, 2018, “Tianfu Hot-pot Town” was searched online for 344,000 times,  becoming a genuine "must-to-go” tourist attraction.


The giant pandas in Chengdu research base of giant panda breeding [Photo by Publicity department of Xindu district committee]

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