The Media Convergence Centre of Qingxiu District, Nanning, Guangxi, China has been officially unveiled, “The media on the cloud of Qingxiu” starts sailing

|ChinaNews|Published:2018-12-29 17:23:25

On December 29th, the opening ceremony of the Media Convergence Center in Nanning, Guangxi, China was held in the Community Comprehensive Service Center of Qingxiu District. At the launching ceremony, “the media on the cloud of Qingxiu” client was officially launched, and the client released information to the world in both Chinese and English. “The first micro-video contest of Qingxiu District of ‘Beauty Guangxi·Charming Qingxiu’was also launched at the same time.

Qingxiu District is the political, economic, cultural, scientific, educational, financial, information and exhibition center of Nanning. It is an important “city card” for Nanning to present its own image. As one of the first batch of pilot cities in Guangxi to build county-level media convergence centers, Qingxiu District actively explored, boldly innovated, and integrated resources and strength to build a new media convergence center.

It is understood that Qingxiu District Media Convergence Center relies on CRI Online Guangxi Channel to build the “The International Communication Station of Qingxiu District Media Convergence Center”, so as to let the story of Qingxiu go abroad and let the world understand Qingxiu.

Through the integrated layout, Qingxiu District Media Center operates Qingxiu District Government Information Network and “Qingxiu Release” WeChat, develops and builds “The media on the cloud of Qingxiu” APP and small programs, and cooperates to build Qingxiu subnet of Xinhua network, Qingxiu subnet of Naning News network, Qingxiu division of “Xinhua News Agency” client and Qingxiu division of “The Cloud of Guangxi” client, making these channels become the “open window” for understanding the world, understanding Nanning and understanding Qingxiu.

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