Chengdu·2019 World Police & Fire Games Kicks off in Chengdu

|ChinaNews|Published:2019-08-12 09:11:03


Opening ceremony [Photo by Zhao Fan]

August 8, Chengdu·2019 World Police & Fire Games kicked off in Chengdu. Nearly 10,000 police and firefighters from 79 countries, regions and international organizations have opened "joy and glory" in Chengdu.


Opening ceremony [Photo by Zhang Yunke]

Chengdu·2019 World Police & Fire Games has been held in an Asian city for the first time. It is the largest sports event in the history of Chengdu, with the highest level of internationalization and the largest number of single-entry foreign visitors. Athletes will compete in 56 competitions and competitions.


Opening Ceremony [Photo by Wang Jianwu]

"Joy and Glory" is the theme of Chengdu·2019 World Police & Fire Games. Until August 8, the total number of applicants for this competition has reached 10,963, including 8360 athletes, 2123 relatives, and 480 technicians.

Chengdu·2019 World Police & Fire Games will be held from August 8th to August 18th. Nine competitions will be set up, with 56 entries, including five police officers, police service dogs, rifles and kayaks. "police pistol practical shooting", "police pistol action shooting", and "created fire-fighting obstacles" and other projects, which are worthy watching will also be held this time.

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