Friendship across borders- Sichuan police helps African friend adapt to Deyang life

|ChinaNews|Published:2019-08-29 15:38:37


Zhang Qingzhou couple go for an outgoing with Carla (middle)  [Photo by Wu Weiqiang]

"Friendship, especially the friendship between different cultures, is a wonderful thing." This is a sentence from Carla from South Africa to Zhang Qingzhou, a police officer of the Jingyang District Public Security Bureau of Sichuan Province.

Carla is an African girl. In early June 2019, she was hired at a school in Jiangyang District, Deyang City. Due to cultural differences, living in Deyang is a challenging thing for Carla. She felt very confused and did not know how to go through immigration procedures when she arrived here for the first time. After learning about Carla’s situation, Yu Wei, a school teacher, went home to discuss with her husband and decided to help Carla.

Yu Wei’s husband, Zhang Qingzhou, is a policeman from the Public Security Bureau of Jingyang District. After listening to Carla’s affairs, Zhang Qingzhou first took Carla to the police station in the jurisdiction and completed the 24-hour check-in and registration of the entry.

Because Carla can’t understand Chinese, Zhang Qingzhou explains the knowledge of Chinese laws and regulations related to life to Carla, so that she can know the law, abide by the law and protect herself with the law. More than that, in terms of clothing, food, housing, and transportation, Zhang and his wife also solved the problems of communication, home appliances, and daily necessities purchases for Carla, and took her together to visit the cultural attractions of Deyang and surrounding areas, so that Carla can adapt to the life in Deyang quickly.

“I am very happy to be your friend!” Carla expresses her sincere thanks to Zhang Qingzhou couple and presents them with a hat with local African characteristics. When she arrived in Deyang for the first time, Carla felt the warm of the China from this Deyang police family.

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