2019 China-CEEC Music Week kicks off in Chengdu

|ChinaNews|Published:2019-11-14 14:58:21

On November 12th, 2019 China-CEEC Music Week was held in Chengdu, China. The performance teams from the six countries of Croatia, Latvia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro and Estonia performed with the Chengdu Symphony Orchestra and the Jazz Orchestra to bring an exotic music feast to the audience together.

The concert kicked off with the orchestral "Festival Overture". The bright rhythm, majestic momentum, passionate and vivid musical language lead the audience into the classic music world. The music of the Croatian Wireless TV Tambrizza Orchestra and Latvian's Coconuts Band, "The Sabre Dance" and "Between the Worlds I See", let the audience experience the rich European style; When the pianist Martinovic of Montenegro University School of Music and the violinist Crivo Capic sang "The Duo for the Violin and the Piano", the audience swayed with the sound and indulged in the memories of the classic movie; The "Cangchao Fast Polka" brought by Chengdu Children's Choir is relaxing, cheerful and humorous. The local folk song "Chengdu" played by Chengdu's music group has allowed foreigners to appreciate the charm of Chengdu.

This music week event is a cross-border tour of Chinese and Western music, opening up a new communication platform for musicians and music organizations in China and Central and Eastern European countries, opening a new situation in cultural exchanges between Chengdu and Central and Eastern European countries.


Activity scene [Photo by Wei Dong]


The performance given by puuluup from Estonia [Photo by Wei Dong]


Latvian coconuts jazz band member gives an instrumental performance [Photo by Wei Dong]


The performance given by Children's Choir [Photo by Wei Dong]

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