World’s first pre-installed earthquake warning system released in Chengdu

|People's Daily Online|Published:2019-12-05 17:35:50

An earthquake warning system co-developed by Chengdu High-tech Disaster Reduction Institute and Chinese tech giant Xiaomi was launched on Xiaomi MIUI 11 and Xiaomi TV, reported on Nov.19.

This makes Xiaomi the world’s first mobile phone that connects its operation system with earthquake warning functions.

The earthquake alert function introduces pop-ups to warn users of an impending earthquake several seconds before the earthquake strike.

It will identify the location of seismic waves, epicenter area, and the magnitude of the earthquake. Furthermore, it will locate a nearest earthquake shelter around users.

Devices running MIUI 11 have already successfully delivered alerts ahead of a 4.1-magnitude earthquake that hit Yibin, Sichuan, on Nov. 10.

The pre-installed system is more efficient than apps because the latter needs to be downloaded and could be closed by the cell phone system mistakenly, according to Wang Tun, director of the Institute of Care-life.

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