Youth Micro-horse Park in Xindu District of Chengdu: Creating a Special Rural Ecological Theme Park

|ChinaNews|Published:2020-04-16 17:01:14


Wisteria flowers in Xindu Youth Micro-horse Park, Chengdu Photo: the Publicity Department of Xindu District Committee, Chengdu

In April, Chengdu, China, the spring was full of flowers, and wisteria flowers bloom. In Xindu Youth Micro-horse Park, wisteria flowers stretch like a waterfall along the promenade.


Wisteria flowers in Xindu Youth Micro-horse Park, Chengdu Photo: the Publicity Department of Xindu District Committee, Chengdu

The Youth Micro-horse Park project covers a total area of about 3150 mu (Chinese unit of measurement, 1 mu equals 666.6666667㎡). The park aims to build a first-class creative agricultural industry functional zone in Sichuan, focuses on the integration of agricultural, commercial, cultural and tourism development, and center on the development of greenway economy and forestry economy mainly including selling and planting vegetables, fruits, flowers, seedling, developing agricultural scientific researches and experiments, exploring production of ecological resources, three-dimensional agriculture, leisure agriculture and rural development etc., and  it strives to become the largest rural ecological theme park in Sichuan within 3 years.


Wisteria flowers bloomPhoto: the Publicity Department of Xindu District Committee, Chengdu

In the process of project construction, Youth Micro-horse Park combines health and wellness, sports training, tourism and other consumer needs, meanwhile incorporates the concept of forest protection in western Sichuan and the construction of Tianfu Greenway, focusing on creating a flower-enjoying economy, rural tourism, forest rehabilitation and a new rural complex with three-dimensional agriculture and other industries as the core, forming a beautiful rural garden in harmony between man and nature.

In addition, the project will guide the farmers to participate in the construction, through the mode of exploring the agricultural "cooperative system", and the ways like changing resources to assets and farmers to shareholders, encouraging investment enterprises, operating teams, and social capital to participate in the construction, which will lead to win-win results among government, enterprises and farmers.

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