Ecology, Tourism, Transformation Boost High-quality Development in New Tongguan

|ChinaNews|Published:2020-04-23 13:35:44

A themed reporting tour kicked off on April 10 in Weinan, Shaanxi Province, aiming to promote the protection of the ecosystem of the Yellow River, spread the Yellow River culture and push forward high-quality development in the city.

The journalist group set out from Tongguan County, marking the start of a tour along the Shaanxi section of the Yellow River.


A sunset at the convergency of the Yellow River, the Luo River and the Wei River


The members of the reporting team pose for a group photo at Yueduge Park in Tongguan County Photo: Lei Pei

The journalists visited Shaanxi Jinqiao Modern Agriculture Park as well as energy technology and wind power enterprises, where they felt the latest changes brought about by the years of efforts in Tongguan that prioritize ecological protection, accelerate economic transformation and coordinate urban-rural development.


Tang Xian, deputy Party secretary of Tongguan County, speaks during an interview with CRI Online Shaanxi Channel Photo: Zhao Junzhe


Yellow River, Luo River, Wei River Wetland Park Photo: Publicity Department of the CPC Tongguan County Committee


A performance of Yellow River Aria Photo: Yin Jianhui


Ancient buildings on the East Mountain of Tongguan Photo: Yin Jianhui

In recent years, Tongguan has strived to further unleash the cultural potential of the Yellow River, gold, loess as well as ancient towns, passes and battlefields. Great efforts have been made to develop ecological tourism, leisure tourism, wetland tourism and Guanzhong folk tourism while it strives to protect, preserve and sustain the Yellow River culture and create a “Tongguan Model” in promoting the Yellow River-related tourism brands.  


Sunshine lightens part of the mountains in Tongguan County Photo: Publicity Department of the CPC Tongguan County Committee

Tang Xian, deputy Party secretary of Tongguan, says the county will strive to serve better as a protector of the ecosystem of the Yellow River, a practitioner of high-quality development and an inheritor of the Yellow River culture and explore a new path with local characteristics that attaches equal importance to the ecosystem protection in the Yellow River basin and high-quality development.

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